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jeudi 19 avril 2012

Another mellow track by GOLDFINGAH...Enjoy!!


A mellow and soulful track from a dope artist that goes by the name of GOLDFINGAH....some serious dopeness insight!! I dare you not to put it on repeat!!
Here's a little interlude I made 2 days ago. The voices are sampled from a live performance of my friend Tomas Jensen ( here's a link to his new solo project : http://tomasjensen.com/ also, you can find group project: http://www.hombremusik.com/ , both are worth listening. Both are worth listening! )

mardi 17 avril 2012

It just can't be more simple...

Another track, feels like those sweet sunny sunday mornings...

As I lay my first words on this blank ( soon to be filled ) page, I feel like I wanna share this track with you....it's called.....''Red And Blue''   
I hope you like it.